Voters Awarnees Campaign Tamil Nadu
In view of National Parlimentary election held on May 2020, the Voters awarnees compaign was organised through out the District in seven strategie places, Various Folk songs etc were used as to create community awarnees on the public parlimentary election 2020. As a result of this awarnees campaign the percentage of voting was enhanced from 60% to 75%. The goal of the compaign was to enhance the voter percentage. Democracy is for the People, By the People, Of the People. Grass root level awarnees was created. This was supported by TN FORCE, Chennai
anganwadi day

Recent Programs

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5th June 2020

Eco Friendly Houses for Lambadies Tribe

COVID 19 Disaster Relief Distribution
August 2020

Anganwadi Day
21th November, 2020

Block level Seminar on the Importance of Girl Children Education
12th November, 2020

Voters Awarnees Campaign Tamil Nadu
May 2020

Health Promotion Programme for Rural Women
April 2020

Children Development Programme held at SINAM
09th Aug 2015

International Women's Day 2015
14th Mar 2015

World Disability Day 2014
03rd Dec 2014

Women Rights – International Women's Day Programme
23rd Mar 2013

Awareness Generation Programme for Rural Women
Feb - Mar 2013

Creche Programme
Nov 2012

Farmers Club Programme.
2012 - 2013

Programme for the differently abled people
2012 - 2013

Workshop on Digital Photography for Documentation
28th - 29th Jul 2012

Participation in Network Meeting
2012 - 2013

SHG and Business Training
2012 - 2013

Personality Development Training for Youth
2012 - 2013