Foreign Contribution Received by SINAM

Details of Foreign Contribution Fund has been given below, our sincere thanks to all our Foreign Contributors:-

SI NO Details of Donors Amount Received Date of Receipt Purpose of the grant
1 Ms. Evelien de Hoop Netherland Rs. 63666-/- 22.12.2015 (October, November and December 2015) Children Development Programme
2 Ms. NEEDS Srivilliputhur India Rs. 18000-/- 2019-2020 Child Traffick Programme
3 Ms. BETTINE RIKERS Netherland Rs. 19121-/- 2019-2020 Educational Programme for Poor Children
4 Ms. SELAVIP FOUNDATION Chile KING'S INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCE Rs. 737788-/- 2019-2020 Eco Friendly Houses for Lambadies
5 Ms. Evelien de Hoop Netharland Rs. 148520-/- 2019-2020 Educational Programme for poor Children
6 Ms. STUDIO PROGETTO SOC.COOP.SOCIALE Italy Rs. 192367-/- 2019-2020 Health Promotion of Women & Children in the Rural Villages