SINAM - Children's Summer Camp - May 2012.
Rural children do not have any special programme during summer where as the city elites send their children for different special courses which includes selected games, learning music, undergoing bridge programme etc. In this context, the rural children were organized for a summer camp for 2 days from 19th May to 20th May 2012.
SINAM-Summer Camp 2012
Provided various educational inputs which includes the following:
- Talent search exercises
- Life coping skills – overcoming the life situation of criticism, failure, inferiority feelings,   depression, isolation etc.
- Developing positive thinking
- Personality development
- Sharing the life experience of different role models.
- Practicing awareness song, folk dance and participating in developing quiz.
Children development experts, fine arts experts, and training experts participated in the programme as external resource personnel. 120 children participated, covering 5 villages in Thurinjapuram. The children were given nutrition food and opportunities for the innovation and self directed learning.

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