Differently abled people:
SINAM is a member of Workability International, committed for the development and creation of employment to the differently abled people. Community based rehabilitation programme for the differently abled was carried out. Skill training was given to create employability for the differently abled. Counseling, National identity cards and different welfare programmes were given to the differently abled people in Tiruvannamalai District.

Child Sponsorship:
SINAM has identified 39 most under privileged children from Thurinjapuram block covering four villages. These children are underprivilege, destitute children, first generation learners, slow learners, children from the families of HIV / AIDS, child labourers and street children. These children are helped by SINAM on their education, physical development, social, health, environmental development and spiritual development without extracting a child from their families. Each child was sponsored by one foster parent. These sponsorships were arranged by some volunteers. Ms. Evelien de Hoop, Netherlands and Ms. Rosanna Mulder, U.K. joined together and arranged 23 sponsorships, Mr. Stefano Zanin has arranged 14 child sponsorships and Ms. Flora has arranged 2 sponsorships. Personally Ms. Evelien de Hoop and Ms. Flora Rikkers families support the children.

Evening coaching classes, play materials, summer camp, spoken English classes, special events of talents search and creativity were given to the children. Yearly, educational tour was also arranged to visit the places of historical significance. The children were given to write model examination. Special coaching was given to the weak subjects by the subject experts. Every day, evening coaching was given by the local teachers. The Teachers were given monthly salary.

In order to develop the children's leadership qualities and to train the children on Indian democracy and to become the effective parliamentarians, children's parliament was organized. Children's parliament was organized once in a month. Ministers of different port folios like education, health, law, finance etc., bring legislation to improve the children's education, eradication of child labour, promotion of health status, improvement of village sanitation etc., were discussed and approach panchayat raj institutions, government officials etc., for the village development. As a whole, holistic development of children and their villages were focused through children's parliament.

Many under privileged and most deserving children are waiting for the children sponsorship. Integrated persons to support such children can contact us. you can be one of the potential foster parent.
Empowerment of Poor and Marginalized Women:
From the age immemorial, in a man dominated society, the women are neglected, isolated and oppressed by many frustrated socio economic health factors. Casteism, superstitious beliefs, child marriage, malnutrition and anemia among girl children, adolescent girls, pregnant women and mothers. In order to empower the women and make them to live equal to others, SINAM has organized the under privileged and dalit women in to small self help groups. They meet at least once in a week for about 2 hours and discuss about their issues and problems. The poor women are given training on leadership, income generation programme, marketing, management etc. They were also helped to get bank loan for starting small and manageable income generation activities. The entire family members can associate with the income earning activities. Since the women's leadership qualities are increased, they contested in panchayat elections and obtained opportunities to serve the people in holding civic leadership positions.
Health education to prevent the occurrence of communicable and life style diseases like tuberculosis, HIV / AIDS, reproductive diseases and other epidemics. Periodic health camps are conducted with thSe trained doctors, nurses and allied health services personnel. Number of health camps were organized which includes Herbal, Siddha camps and Allopathy camps on free of cost. SINAM has established collaboration with number of medical centres, including Christian Medical College Hospital, Vellore, Apollo Hospital, Chennai and Gandhigram Trust Hospital, Dindigul. Patients were given free treatment and referred to their specialized health care centres. National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) programmes and the health entitlements were explained to the vulnerable community and equip the community to utilize the Government health services effectively. Various health information are disseminated through different folk media and encourage the vulnerable people to utilize the Government health services. There is a need to construct a health centre to provide health care services round the clock.

The environmental development programmed, Bio-diversity, Global Warming, organic cultivation, rain water harvesting, climate change, tree plantation etc., were emphasized through awareness campaign, training, farmers club, environmental protection council. SINAM has floated three networks with NGOs, on climate change, organic cultivation and environmental development and created awareness at the District level.

Skill Training:
Various skilled training like tailoring, wood carving, electrical and home appliances, poultry keeping and management, dairy management, Computer Training for unemployed youth including men and women were given. These members are the under privileged youth who will otherwise cannot be obtained employment. Now, we are planning to provide skill training for women and youth on different new trades which will provide employment services.

Computer Training for Rural Women: Computer training for rural women was organized for a period of one year at Valargam, SINAM campus. This programme was supported by Mr. Stefano Zanin from Italy. Currently 25 young women are getting training. Computer training has a good job scope for women.

Tailoring and Hand Embroidery Training: The community based vocational training on tailoring and hand embroidery training was started in two villages' viz. Kilpennathur and Avoor around 16 kms and 18 kms distance from SINAM campus. In both the centres, 30 women are getting training for a period of one year, full day programme. There is a big demand for garments making work in Tiruvannamalai, This programme was supported by Ms. Barbara, STUDIO Progetto, O.N.L.U.S from Italy.

Poverty Reduction Programmes
From our target community, around 80% of them are working below to the poverty line. They are not even getting one US $ per day for their livelihood. In order to help them, we organize them under self help groups and provide support to start micro enterprises / self employment ventures like mat weaving, masala powder making, petty shops, cycle shops, fibre works and coconut leaf thatching etc., through this additional income, their purchasing capacity is increased considerably. You can sponsor one or more income generation programmes as a poverty reduction programme.

Education For Livelihood :
To enable the marginalized women to ensure sustainable livelihood opporrtunities through exercising their rights and entitlements by utilizing the existing local resources. The holistic development of women incorporates the following:

Social awareness and empowerment, Economic Awareness and Empowerment, Health awareness and empowerment and Environmetal awareness and Empowerment. This Programme was supported by CARE INDIA, Chennai.

Family Counselling:
The women from broken families, deserted women, women with domestic problems are getting free counselling from the counseling centre and at their homes. Family reunion, accepting the new life with self confidence is more possible after family counselling services. This programme was supported by Central Social Welfare Board, Government of India, New Delhi.

Exposure visits - Tour
The national and international visitors, who are interested to tour around India, will be taken to different places of historical importance, tourist places, developmental NGOs and to the needy community for interactive sessions. Cultural exchange visits are possible to arrange on request basis.

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