AIM's & Objectives of SINAM
bullet To organize educational programmes for the under privileged and marginalized children, street children, dropout children, child labour etc for their sustainable livelihood.
bullet To support and supplement the efforts of community in developing income generation activities, micro enterprises, micro credit, savings and credit programmes and provide marketing support services.
bullet To promote Siddha, Herbal Medicine, Nature cure methods, Yoga, Meditation, harmless indigenous medicines etc.
bullet To establish Educational Institutions, Health clinics, home for aged and children's home, Health information dissemination, MCH, RCH etc.
bullet To organize activities related to Bio-diversity, global warming, Environment awareness programme, Tree plantation etc.,
bullet To provide job oriented vocational training for Youth, Women, Differently abled people and to provide new life for child labourers, underprivileged children, widows, sex workers, Transgender, street children etc.
bullet To organize human rights programme for children, Women, Dalits, Various Marginal Occupational groups and for vulnerable community.
bullet To provide development/welfare assistance to the rural poor people with the support of Government, Non-Governmental agencies and overseas donor agencies.
bullet To promote rural women by way of offering education, organizing themselves as small groups and skill training with the support of various agencies including Banks, Government and Educational Institutions.
bullet To provide family counselling, youth counseling, relief and rehabilitation to the disaster victims, old aged people and other disadvantaged groups.
bullet To initiate need based Networks / Forums to raise the voices of vulnerable and for advocacy programmes for various issues and problems.

Recent Programs

Children Development Programme held at SINAM
09th Aug 2015

International Women's Day 2015
14th Mar 2015

World Disability Day 2014
03rd Dec 2014

Women Rights – International Women's Day Programme
23rd Mar 2013

Awareness Generation Programme for Rural Women
Feb - Mar 2013

Creche Programme
Nov 2012

Farmers Club Programme.
2012 - 2013

Programme for the differently abled people
2012 - 2013

Workshop on Digital Photography for Documentation
28th - 29th Jul 2012

Participation in Network Meeting
2012 - 2013

SHG and Business Training
2012 - 2013

Personality Development Training for Youth
2012 - 2013