Children Development Programme August 2016:
Children Development Programme was conducted in SINAM Development Centre on 29th May 2016. 150 children came from the following five villages. The names of villages are as follows:
1. Sadayanodai
2. Vasantham Nagar
3. Usambadi
4. Pichanandhal
5. Karunthuvambadi

SINAM-Silver Jubilee

The yoga and meditation class was conducted to children by Ms. Tamil Selvi, Yoga teacher. She teaches the various asanas (Badmasanam, Suryanamaskar etc).

Centre wise competition such as tower construction, skit performace, dance, song and writing poems in Tamil was conducted by Ms. Poonkodi, Co-ordinator of the programme.

Mr. Pattusamy, Special Group Facilitator gave various educational instructions to the students. Simple intellectual exercises, group works were given. Nice chicken Biriyani was served to all the children at the SINAM Development centre. The resource persons were welcome by Mr. Rama Perumal, Director of SINAM. Dr. Hilda gave a special talk on personal hygiene and environmental sanitation. Dr. Thasian gave a brief talk on how the cope up with fear and failures. the educational support materials were given. The children were given bags. Each bag contains note books, pen, pencil, sharpener, geometry box, table books etc. The winners were given prizes.

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